Network cables (Ethernet) are a convenient and portable way to connect computers, servers, network routers and switches. If you use a Network (Ethernet) cable, you should protect it not only from the weather conditions, but also from human interference. Taking steps to reduce damage or disconnect network cables can prevent long-term damage or shutdown of the network. Although the popularity of wireless networks is growing, networking through cables is still used in the most organizations. Physical cable currently provides a more secure, reliable, and high-speed network connection than a wireless connection. Thanks to a few simple adjustments, your LAN cables will be as safe and efficient as possible.

Using SmartKeeper security products, you can manage the security of any network cables in an any environment where the Local Area Network port is located, e.g. RJ-45 Ethernet socket. They enable effective network security management for external users without an additional security control system. The installation of these products is very simple and low cost.



LAN Cable Link Lock is a solution that restricts access to the RJ-45 interface. Access to this interface is only possible with a special LAN Cable Link Lock. Communication via the LAN port is only possible for compatible network cables. LAN Cable Link Lock Cable, i.e. the LAN port does not recognize common network cables and the port is automatically protected against unauthorized access by other RJ-45 cables. LAN Cable Link Lock is recommended for use in combination with other products such as: Network Port Lock Plus or Network Module Lock.


LAN Cable Link Lock and LAN Cable Lock Plus physically prevent the removal of the connected LAN cable from computers, servers, network routers and switches or other network devices. A similar product is the Network Module Lock (4, 8, 12) port, which fixes multiple LAN cables to network ports at the same time without pulling the LAN cables out. Another advantage of this product is the transparent color of the cover, which allows the user to control the LED lights. The transparent cover is also available for LAN Cable Lock.