Network Module Lock 4P


Fixing LAN cables to network ports without pulling out LAN cables. Identical to LAN Cable Lock. Physically disables removing of the connected LAN cable from computers, servers, routers, switches and other network devices.


Switch, Hub or any network device with Local Area Network Port (RJ-45 Ethernet socket) 4 port.
Option to install a network module lock without removing the embedded LAN cable. Transparent cover color allows the user to control LED lights. Removable with the Professional Port Lock Key (the key is compatible with other SmartKeeper products). Efficient network security management without additional security control system. Security effectiveness can be maximized when used with Network Port Lock. Removes security risks for unused open ports.
W * L * H: 60,0 x 31,2 x 39,2 mm / Weight: 23,3 g