Professional Port Lock Key


Universal key to release almost all SmartKeeper security products from Professional product line.



SmartKeeper products from the Professional product line: USB Port Lock, USB-B Port Lock, USB-C Port Lock Plus, Link On, Link Lock, Link Lock HUB, Secure Connector, Secure Drive, Network Port Lock Plus, LAN Cable Lock Plus, Network Module Lock 12p / 8p / 4p, LAN Cable Link Lock, Fiber Optic Module Lock, QSFP Port Lock, Serial Port Lock, DVI Port Lock, Parallel Port Lock, SD Port Lock, CF Port Lock, HDMI Port Lock, E-SATA Port Lock, DisplayPort Lock, Optical Disk Drive (ODD), BNC Port Lock, Laptop Lock Type-C.

Elegant metal design that is comfortable for locking and unlocking. Various key patterns for systematic key management can be created. Maximum security with a thin key structure, made of high-strength material. Plug-in wrench head for protection against unwanted mechanical influences. Suitable for computer environments with narrow maneuvering space. Includes LED light for more convenient port identification. Made of antistatic material (antistatic rubber) to prevent short circuits and static discharge.”

W * L * H: 33,0 x 155,0 x 19,0 mm / Key’s head width: 0,4 mm / Weight: 63,0 g.

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