Link Lock


Manage and control the use of any USB device. Only approved devices can be used. Prevents unauthorized removal of connected USB devices without a key.



Any environment that has a Universal Serial Bus port.

Restricting the removal of a connected USB device from the USB port to which you have inserted it. When Lock Lock is locked, it is not possible to pull connected peripherals (keyboard, mouse, …) from the USB port. Removable Professional Port Lock Key (key compatible with other SmartKeeper products). Manage the use of USB ports by an external vendor, visitor or employee. Innovative IT security product for efficient management of usage of USB port.

Link Lock: W * L * H: 40,9 x 16,0 x 15,8 mm / Cable Cover: W * L * H: 39,1 x 18,5 x 19,6 mm / Weight: 13,0 g

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