Every company can fall victim to cyber attacks, or every company is a potential target. Whether you are a small, medium or larger company, no distinction is made. More than half of European companies have reported at least one cyber attack in the last two years. Most cases resulted in service disruptions, data integrity issues, and some even led to data loss.

With SmartKeeper products, an organization or company obtains complete services related to protecting the company’s infrastructure and network from common risks, for example, it does not have to spend money and time to purchase and update the necessary security software or licenses. By using security locks, the customer gains complete protection and security and does not have to devote time and human resources to managing hardware security. Control computers, laptops, robots and production lines in factories are where locks on SmartKeeper IT ports find their application.

As one of the examples, we present the security of network elements (switches, routers) on the production line. The law shows that these network elements are protected against the connection of foreign devices as well as against the disconnection of active network cables. One of the solutions is to place switches and routers in a lockable cabinet (rack), which brings with it increased costs for cable routes. An alternative and more efficient solution is to use SmartKeeper locks – Network Port Lock Plus / RJ45 Port Lock against the connection of foreign LAN cables and LAN Cable Lock / Network Module Lock against disconnection of connected network cables.

In addition to factories and the manufacturing industry, similar examples can be found in offices, banks, schools, laboratories, hospitals and other areas of life.