Laptop Lock Type-C is a simple security device that secures the laptop against physical theft or relocation. The solution consists of a 180-cm security wire, a protective cover and a USB Port Lock Type-C Plus, which locks in the USB-C port. USB Port Lock Type-C Plus eliminates the possibility of removing the lock from the port thanks to a very tight keyhole (0.4 mm). USB Port Lock Type-C Plus is only removable with the Professional Port Lock Key (the key is also compatible with other SmartKeeper products).

This security solution has proven its high reliability and efficiency when used with technology from various world-renowned hardware manufacturers, such as Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Huawei, Apple, Samsung, etc. The Laptop Lock Type-C security device is easy to operate and operate and can be used in various environments such as customer centers, offices, industrial factories, production halls, electronics stores and showrooms, universities and schools, copying services, etc. This security product can be used to protect hardware such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops that have a USB-C port.

The following SmartKeeper products are part of the solution:

Laptop Lock Type-C: W * L * W:  12,1 x 13,5 x 6,7 mm / Weight: 17,0 g

Security Calble: D: 180 cm

USB Port Lock Type-C Plus: W * L * H: 17,1 x 23,3 x 6,6 mm / Weight: 3,4 g

Pofessional Port Lock Key: Š * D * V: 33,0 x 155,0 x 19,0 mm / Key`s Head Width: 0,4 mm / Weight: 63,0 g

• cost-effective solution compared to SW solutions;
• a unique pattern of locks for each customer;
• does not need updating and maintenance;
• special port is not required, as in the case of Kensington locks;
• long-term serviceable product.