How to protect IT technology in the external environment?

Hardware that works outdoors for several years is exposed to atmospheric influences that can be damaged by interfaces, connections, and components. This also happens on devices that are at first glance “well protected” by a shelter or located in a building. In the long run, the interfaces of electronic devices can become clogged with impurities and can be damaged and malfunctioned by external factors that have an impact on information technology. From this point of view, the most effective and at the same time the cheapest solution is the SmartKeeper product series, which perfectly protects the components of IT technology from dirt, damage, misuse or theft in a suitable way with easy application. By blinding unused ports, you can protect the ports from premature damage or malfunction. Blocking unused ports not only protects against external influences but also protects against attackers. SmartKeeper offers a comprehensive portfolio of products in the field of protection of IT devices (especially IT ports), which consists of a wide range of hardware security locks and keys to them for various devices.