How to effectively and cheaply protect workstations?

Workstations are as important to the security of your organization as servers. Of course, in most cases, an insecure workstation affects only one user, while a server can affect thousands of users. However, it is interesting that all the biggest attacks or disruptions in the last period started with a compromised workstation and not a server. Although servers and workstations work with essentially the same operating system, workstation security is very different from servers. The main differences that affect safety include:

  • Lack of physical security for workstations in general, mobility of laptops and tablets
  • Interactive use of unattended workstations. Workstations interact much more with untrusted users or resources.
  • Workstations are used by end users with less security awareness and less technical knowledge.

Another issue that affects workstation security is the number of workstations themselves and the way they “come and go” in your network.

SmartKeeper technology comes with a security solution for how you can manage and control access for all systems on your network. SmartKeeper brings an independent solution for IT security compliance and workstation port regulation. Our solution has the huge advantage of a secure environment compared to the cost of procuring and constantly developing and updating software products.