In order to comply with the GDPR Regulation, it is necessary to prevent employees from taking sensitive personal data home on a USB flash drive, that why you should to solve potential USB security dangers. If this data is lost, the company or organization is exposed to a security risk. In such a case, it is necessary to contact the office for Personal Data Protection and all persons affected in the lost databases, which can be time and money consuming. For this reason, it pays more to invest in blocking USB ports and mechanically prevent data from selected computers, laptops or notebooks from being copied to a USB key at all.


One such device, popularly called a blocker, is also a USB blocker for various types of USB ports from SmartKeeper. Link Locks, USB Port Locks, Mini USB Port Lock / Micro USB Port Locks or USB Cable Locks block USB ports and prevent the removal of devices connected to them. Just slide the lock / security lock into the port and you won’t connect the flash or USB cable any more. On the other hand, all you have to do is use the appropriate device, in our case a unique key, to unlock the lock and the locks can be easily removed.