Mini DisplayPort Lock 4 + Key


The package contains Mini DisplayPort Lock  and 4 pieces of  Mini Port Lock Key.


Any device with a Mini DisplayPort.
Mini Port Lock Key:
Universal key for releasing 5 SmartKeeper products from the Essential line. A universal key that ensures easy handling of 5 small SmartKeeper products from the Essential line. Elegant plastic design that is comfortable for locking and unlocking. Maximum security with a thin key structure, made of high-strength material. The plug-in key head is protected against unwanted mechanical influences. Suitable for computer environments with narrow space for maneuver.

Mini DisplayPort Lock:
A lock that protects unused Mini DisplayPorts from unauthorized device connections. Provides protection for unused Mini DisplayPort ports. Quick and easy installation with Mini Port Lock Key. Affordability.
Mini DisplayPort Lock:W * L * H: 130,0 x 205,0 x 20,0 mm / Weight: 25,0 g

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